5 Tips to Improve your Twitter Marketing

#1: Tweet Without Links

Remember that not everything you tweet has to have a link. If you limit the number of links you share on Twitter, you’ll add value to the ones you do.

#2: Use the Right Hashtags

If you want to get noticed, add hashtags that give your tweets context. It’s important not to overdo it with hashtags, however.

Find Hashtags With Hashtagify

Hashtagify allows you to search for a hashtag you want to use. In the Search box, type in your hashtag (socialmedia, for example) and press Enter.

The results let you see the most popular related hashtags. By default, you see the results in Basic Mode view, which looks like a mind map.

#3: Add Images for Shared Links

It’s no surprise that tweets with images stand out and get more engagement than tweets without images. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools you can use to find the right images to use in your tweets.

Twitshot is an online tool you can use in any browser that makes it easy to find images to use when you share links. It’s also available as a Chrome extension and iOS app.

Compose your tweet in the Twitshot tweet box and paste in the URL you want to share.

#4: Tweet With the Proper Format

To compose a tweet in the proper format, you need to have all of the individual elements in the correct order.

Start your tweet with text and then add a link. Make sure to include the attribution with @mentions if applicable. Then add hashtags and insert your image.

Now that you know the rules for composing a tweet, you can break them for effect. Come up with multiple ways to tweet the same information to add variety to your Twitter stream.


#5: Provide Value With Quote Tweets

The new Quote Tweet function allows you to add 116 characters when you retweet. (The original tweet takes up the space of a link in a tweet.)

However, don’t just reiterate the title when you retweet someone else’s content. Give context by adding your own opinion or enthusiasm for the information.

Another option is to include a quote from the post shared in the tweet.

The purpose of a quote before your retweet is to showcase your thought leadership by adding value. Your tweet should set up the promise of what clicking through to that tweet will deliver to your audience.


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